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[IP] Syrup--glycemic index

> The secret is the regular syrup. It helps to smooth out the overall 
> glycemic index of the meal. The syrup is slow, the pancakes are fast. 
> Together, they are a better match to the insulin absorption.
> email @ redacted

Hi Michael,
       Would this be true of all regular syrups?  My Aunt Jemima syrup lists 
the ingredients as glucose, glucose-fructose, water , cellulose gum and a few 
other minute things.  What causes the slow absorption?  
       I am curious about this as when Claire is low she often finds that 
things taste funny and she refuses glucose tabs and dextrose sweets.  So then 
she might take a couple of teaspoons of pancake syrup. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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