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[IP] Re: My A1C!! (Not using pump correctly?)

<He tried to tell me I'm using the pump wrong because I tend to bolus almost
hourly because I munch all day. He said 1 unit every hour won't do nothing you
shouldn't bolus just 1 unit. he said Humalog works for 4 hours you should bolus
for the next 4 hours of food at once, ......>


 He sounds like a terrible doctor. What does he mean 1 unit every hour won't do
 anything? I bolus in increments of 0.1 - 0.5 units if I'm only eating something
 1-5 carbs in it. Sometimes bolusing "just 1 unit" will make me go low, so it's
 definitely doing something. I don't know what I'll be eating in the next 4
hours if I'm
munching and haven't planned a complete meal, so how would I know how much to 
 bolus? Hmmm...let's see, I'll just take an arbitrary 3 or 4 units and then
chase it
 with food? - Not! That's the beauty of the pump, you can bolus as you go.
like HE doesn't know how to use a pump.

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