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Re: [IP] pregnancy worries

I was about 9 weeks along when I found out that I was pregnant and I also had 
some really high sugars (all this pre-pump). I was told by my high risk doc 
that the big concern is elevated sugars over a long period of time, the main 
concern being the first eight weeks because that is when the major organs are 
forming. So far, everything sems to be okay for my baby as I am sure that it 
will be for you. I think sometimes that as expectant mothers, we can cause 
greater harm by needless worrying than any other way.
Just a word of advice for you, when you get around sixteen weeks, they will 
do a test called AFP and possibly a triple screen. Make sure that they inform 
the lab that will be testing your blood  that you are insulin dependent. I 
can tell you that this will save you a LOT of heartache because if they don't 
know, it can cause false test results for things like Downs Syndrome and 
Trisomy 18. I speak from experience!! Let me know how things go and maybe we 
can swap some pregnancy stories as we go along!
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