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[IP] MiniMed Success!

Hi, all

Just an update on my MiniMed Paradigm problems.  I did end up filing a report 
with the FDA.  A little research showed at least 2 other problems with 
complaints very similar to mine.  

The refurb'd pump was sent to my PO Box instead of my street address, despite 
the fact that I had double checked with the original guy I talked with that 
FedEx would deliver to a PO Box (as we know, they won't).  So, I called MM up 
yesterday (Monday), and spoke with someone else, and told her that I expected 
a new pump, not a recert'd one.  She said she'd have to pass me to a 
supervisor, who had to get further approval.  They offered to contact my 
local rep (who is in Pocatello, about 2 hours away), and have a used pump to 
me by yesterday evening.  I explained that I believed I was safer on 
injections, and I'd just wait for a new pump.   They did give me some run 
around regarding the terms of the warranty.  Namely, that you only had 30 
days to get a new pump on the warranty.  That's not what the warranty says, 
and I pointed that out.  

So, I made one reminder call today.  And, by 3:30 MST, I had been notified 
that my request for a new pump had been approved by 2 other folks in the 
hierarchy, and it should be delivered tomorrow.  This evening I had an email 
from someone else at MM asking if things were OK, after she read my post on 
this site (I think).  

I'm glad they seem to have taken my complaint seriously, and that they 
decided it was important to keep my loyalty and my business.  

Christa Turnell
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