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Re: [IP] Diabetic Cheiroarithropathy

> Today at my regular Endo appointment, I was diagnosed with Diabetic
> Cheiroarithropathy. I was wondering if anyone on this list also has
> this condition/complication from diabetes? I am looking for other
> people's input on treatments.  I understand what it is (Thanks Dr.
> Chance Fisher!!!), I am basically trying to find ANYONE that has
> experienced this.  Thanks.
> Maria
A quote from one article on this...

Best estimates are that more than half of diabetics have some form of
cheiroarthropathy and it occurs most often in patients with long 
histories of the disease.

The treatment of cheiroarthropathy can be very successful and 
includes mild pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medicine similar 
to those used for arthritis.

In addition, occupational or physical therapy can be extremely 
helpful, which would include stretching exercises daily and 
functional exercises for fingers and hands to  stretch and expand 
the skin. 

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