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Re: [IP] My A1C!! - doc's way!

 There is no way I am trying it his way I know for a fact if I did I would be in
emerge within 1 1/2 hours for very severe hypo. Lets say I eat 15 grams an hour
- innstead of taking the 1 unit to cover each 15 grams on thew hour when I eat
it he wants me to take all 4 units( to cover the 4 15 gram hourly snacks) at the
first hour. So I would be taking 3 units way to much at the begining and since
one unit brings me down 2.0+ MM( 36mg) I would drop 6.0 (108) so if my sugar was
right on target when I start 4.0-7.0 I would end up somewhere between 0.0 - 1.0
in an hour and a half!! NOT trying that.
 I tried to start explaining it, but he really didn't want to hear me he right
out said my way was wrong. I was not about to get a shouting match - especially
since I had the 2 year old I babysit with me. I had to wait 1 hour 15 min. to
hear a hole bunch of nonsense!!

 He may think 1 unit is not enough to make a differnece and that theres no need
to bolus it, but it is enough to make me go low if I take it or high if I don't

 I'm right and he's wrong. He said he was going to talk to my nurseand trainer
about it tomorrow when he see's them! I hope there not as confused as I was and
I hope they can explain it to him.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> You COULD try it his way and then let him see the results, but why 
> wastefour months of your life doing it his way, when there is no 
> guarantee he
> will even admit he was wrong when he gets your A1c?
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