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Re: [IP] Non-diabetic highest BG?

> The threshold for "diabetes" was recently lowered to 126mg/dL for
> fasting bloodsugar levels and/or OGTT values (Oral Glucose Tolerance
> Test) values of 200 mg/dL at the 2 hour interval.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

And here's what gets me: Some of you may recall my hugsband having a test of
206 and once took 6 hrs. to get to a normal reading after a high-carb meal.
He is often over 140. Our former endo would not listen to the charting we
made on hugsy and said *we don't dx DM by home meters.* That man was fired
by physician's network and we got a PCP. She won't accept our meter
readings, either. They both wanted A1c's and that's an average - not a
tell-tale story. I don't think dx-ing DM with an A1c can be anywhere near

I said if the meter is good enough for me to adjust my insulin doses, why
isn't it good enough to believe and run proper, extended tests? Aren't these
meters used at health fairs for screenings?

Well, hugsy has now had blood appear in one eye and blood in his urine. We
were sent to a retinologist. The eye man is suspecting DM since hugsy's bro
has had T-2 about 30 years. He actually wrote T-2 on his chart. Eyeologist
gave us an Rx for PCP to Rx a GTT (at *my* insistence). I say - Enough with
the fasting tests which are *usually* good except last one was 123.

Okay, PCP said there is a 1-hr, 3-hr., and 6-hr GTT. She ordered a ONE hour
one to be done - to start with. My highly-educated guess (lol) is that this
test will be within range, but a 3-hr or 6-hr test would tell the real
story. She said *to start with* and I say, what if the 1-hr test shows
nothing so she won't do an extended one and this should shut me up.
Besides, doing a 3- or 6-hr test AFTER the 1-hr, will mean another trip and

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