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Re: [IP] GERD/reglan

 I too have GERD I am currently on prevasid - 2 30mg pills in the am and 2 in
the pm, plus gaviscon as needed. I was also on Losec but it quite working so I
went to prevasid. I also took ranitidine(? sp) for awhile but I quit on my own
cause I found it to bug me more then help. Often a switch in meds is all you
need and then you can even switch back and it'll work again. Its just a matter
of becoming almost immune it the pills for a while.

 I also bought a hospital bed(2 nd hand) and sleep at about a 45 degree angle -
this helps alot as if I sleep out at camp or what ever My stomache really starts
to act up - do you have her bed propped up?

 I missed ALOT of school because of this - in fact this is the reason I didn't
graduate. Also it seems to be seasonal it acts up in the spring and fall. For 2
years I went to school and in the fall started missing quit abit then in the
spring couldn't attend at all. I basically stopped eating - because off the pain
it caused and because of the fear of the pain it would cause.

 Stress also makes it worse so having missed alot of school then going back and
trying to make up for all the work is hard. ( I was then admitted because the
doctor thought I had anorexia, boy did I prove him wrong :-) They made me take
some really stupid test with a specialist(?) I passes with a 98% not anorexic!!
The lady said if it had been any one but me they'd of been certain the person
 I love food and just plain couldn't eat it. But after losing 20 pounds( I only
weighed 120 pounds at 5' 7 inches tall) in 2 months I can see there worries

 Have you restricted her diet? That seemed to help alot(I tend to not follow it
now until its too late!)

Email me if you have any other questions

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Nexium and previsid haven't helped my 13yo's GERD.  It is so 
> severe she
> can't go to school anymore.  Extreme pain and nausea.  Now the 
> doc. wants
> to try reglan, but I don't like what I read about side effects.  
> Besides, it
> seems
> like a temporary solution.  I wonder if the diabetes makes it so 
> much worse.
> She doesn't seem go have gastrioparasis.  Endoscopy and blood work 
> haveruled out things like celiac, addisons, etc.etc.etc.  
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