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[IP] Re: Finding a Pump

> > I found my insurance company and HR dept have no clue as to pumping
> > * All Pump company's have people on their staff to get these answers.
> > * Coverage ranges from 80% to 90% depending on you insurance coverage.
> > You will have to cover 10 to 20% of around $6000.00 dollars.

This is almost a blanket description. Some insurance companies cover 50%.
Mine will cover 80% up to $2,000.00. Sounds like a lot of bread out of my
pocket for the balance of a %6,000.00 pump plus supplies. That's per year.

> >  The insurance company
> > will only cover the pump, infusion sets and cartridges.

My first pump was covered by insurance (doj't recall a deductible) but NO
supplies - no batteries, no reservoirs, no infusion sets, no battery
chargers, no nothing else. The above descriptions do not include what the
employer has contracted the coverage for. This is where the benefits book
comes in handy. Insurance plans all differ even within the same insurance
company i.e. BCBS, Kaiser, United Health Care, Aetna, etc. The pump
companies have departments that know the right questions to ask to get the
answers. Depend on them to fill you in.

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