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RE: [IP] Tanning

 I live in Dallas, TX where it gets super hot in the summers. I Keep my pump on
while sunbathing normally and tuck it under my towel so it's out of the direct
sunlight. I take it in the pool with me (I have an H-tron+) so I like to think
that chills it a bit:-)
 I only used a tanning bed one period in my life which was pre-wedding and I
took it off b/c I don't think it would be good to be in that super intense
light. Plus, you are only laying there for about 15-30 minutes and that's not
long enough to worry about.
Those are my 2 cents (better late than never:-)
 I don't know the details for how long it takes insulin to go bad, I've probably
tested the limits many times being out for several hours in upper 90's or 100
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What do you do while sunbathing? How long does it take for heat to effect
insulin? How about tanning beds? New to pump..paradigm..1/28/03..love it!
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