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Re: [IP] Non-diabetic highest BG?


The norm values for BGs after a meal is 140.

As to how quickly insulin reacts, I'm afraid that someone one else will have
to answer that.

You get an automatic pass when American is not your native tongue.  However,
it's been my experience that people who use American as a second language
often do better than native speakers.

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Sent: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 2:46 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] Non-diabetic highest BG?

> Hello fellow Pumpers/Pumper's Parents/Pumper's SOs,
> Does anyone know what would the highest BG reading for a healthy
> non-diabetic person is?  What I mean is, after a high-carb meal, how high
> does the BG go and for how long before the pancreas takes over and
> I assume that it is a YMMV and it will depend on the meal's protein/fat
> content.  But I am assuming there is some type of high-limit no matter
> - Am I thinking correctly?
> Also, how fast-acting is real insulin (the one the pancreas releases)?
> I just want to better understand how the "real" pancreas close-loop system
> works.
> PD.:  I am going to apologize for the past and in advance for any
> misspellings, incorrect grammar, and misused words.  I am pretty bad at
> I cannot even claim that is because it is not my native language because I
> am just as bad in Spanish!!! :o)
> Thanks,
> Eloisa and bombita (MM Paradigm)
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