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[IP] discoloration of MM tubing

For years I've noticed all sorts of discolorations inside my MiniMed tubing 
when it's time to change it.

When I go to change my sofset, the tubing will be either bright pink, 
purple, gray, black... and that's with the left over insulin still in the 
tubing. Has anyone else seen this? Today's was like a fluorescent pink.

I could see if it were blood or some sort of body fluid, but purple? And 
wouldn't the pressure and flow be going from the pump to the body and not 
the other way around? Maybe I'm an alien and my blood is 
fluorescent  colors... ;0)

I would expect blood to be.. well more of a blood color...

I've sent several of these to MiniMed but I don' think they give a hoot.. 
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