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Re: [IP] Screen protection for your pump

How much does the sheeting cost?

>>> email @ redacted 2:29:30 PM 2/4/03 >>>
I have a MiniMed 508 pump ("Tigger"; since 12/2000) which is 'housed'
in one of
the MiniMed leather cases (MMT-620). The leather case has a plastic
window which
has chaffed the screen of my pump somewhat, making some of the info.
increasingly difficult to read in certain light conditions (the plastic
of the case has a slight depression in it which chafes the screen
underneath). A few weeks ago I decided to halt the ongoing chaffing of
the MM
508 screen by adhering a rectangle of PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
protection plastic to the MM 508 screen. I'm delighted with the result
as not
only is the screen surface protected from further damage but the
visibility of
the screen data has IMPROVED. I obtained the PDA screen protection
sheeting from
Staples (originally purchased to protect the screen of my digital
camera - so
purchased sheeting for a color screen PDA - but this appears to work
fine on my
B & W screen of my pump). You need to cut a sheet of the protective
plastic to
the appropriate size so that it is a little smaller than the dimensions
of your
pump screen. Apply the screen protecting sheet with the card applicator
comes with the PDA screen protection kit, being careful to not trap air
(we know about the consequences of air bubbles in our infusion sets
don't we!)
and 'bingo' your screen should take on a new lease on life in both
protected & in clarity of view.

Just thought the world of pumpers out there may find this info.

- Leszek Vincent, Columbia, MO
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