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[IP] apologize for mispellings, grammer, misused words.


I would hope that no-one on this list would ever feel bad about
misspellings, grammar or misused words. Most of the time we write, we fire
off an email without checking or proof reading.  In many cases our errors
are not that we don't know better.On this site, we are submitting our ideas
not essays for critiquing. A good many of us had our last grammar/lit class
years ago and don't care to go there again.

We just had that pet peeve thread and I contributed it to it (less vs.
fewer) but I don't think it was intended to belittle any one. Heck the major
advertising companies in the US don't have the less vs. fewer thing correct.
Even before this thread started, I got to wondering about my use of "basal"
and if I had been spelling it correctly. I did a search for the word basal,
basil, and basel on a month's worth of emails in my "sent" and "deleted"
folders to see how these words were being used. All three were there in my
emails and sometimes more than one in the same email. I was happy to see
though, that I had good company.

So keep those emails coming and blame everything on your typing. My mind is
usually faster than my fingers.

Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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