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[IP] Military Hospital Question

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 02:08:46 GMTFrom: Debbie Saddler
<email @ redacted>Subject: [IP] Military hospital question Hi, all. Do
any of you have any experience with military hospitals? After manyyears
with his current employer (and Federal Blue Cross), my husband isconsidering
a change of employment to the military. I'd like to know if thereare
problems with being a patient at a military hospital.Blessings,Alaska
DebbieMom to Katie, 12, dx'd 9/97Pumping with "Pumpkin" since 8/99 Hi
Debbie,I have some experience with military hospitals.  My husband has
been in the Army for 15 years.  ALL of my pump supplies are covered 100%.
(I use a Disetronic HTron +) My oral meds, insulin and test strips I get
from the military pharmacy. (No out-of-pocket expense.)  The only time
you would have to pay a co-pay ($9.00 per script) is if the drug isn't on
their formulary and you would have to go to a civilian pharmacy.As far as
the "quality of care" issue, it all depends.  Personally, I am not
thrilled with the care I have received in the past.  Many of the medical
staff I have encountered were not familiar with insulin pumps at all and
thought it was something "implanted".  My first primary care physician
(PCP) here at Bragg thought he was "The Almighty" and knew everything. 
We got into quite a few arguments over different things and I went to the
Patient Representative (so mad that I was in tears) and requested a new
PCP, specifically an M.D. The patient Rep was an angel.  My new doctor is
a Cpt in the Army, has his M.D. and as soon as he read my chart, he said
that I needed a referral to see an Endo, because he didn't know that much
about insulin pumps.  I didn't even have to ASK for a referral.  So like
I said . . . it all depends.If you are stationed somewhere where they
don't have the specialist(s) your daughter needs, then you can get a
referral to see that particular specialist and there is no out-of-pocket
expense, Tricare (military insurance) would pay for it all.  The only
problem with that is that sometimes it is hard to find good physicians
that will accept Tricare in your area (because Tricare can be a real pain
in the rear when it comes to their coding/paying claims and such!)  I
have to drive 100 miles (to UNC Chapel Hill) to see my endo.Here is a
link to their web address:  http://www.tricare.osd.mil/I hope I addressed
some of your concerns.  Feel free to email me off list if you have any
other questions.Sally =o)IDDM for 38 of my 40 YearsFayetteville/Fort
Bragg, email @ redacted  
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