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RE: [IP] Non-diabetic highest BG?

Hello fellow Pumpers/Pumper's Parents/Pumper's SOs,

Does anyone know what would the highest BG reading for a healthy
non-diabetic person is?  What I mean is, after a high-carb meal, how high
does the BG go and for how long before the pancreas takes over and corrects?
I assume that it is a YMMV and it will depend on the meal's protein/fat
content.  But I am assuming there is some type of high-limit no matter what
- Am I thinking correctly?

Also, how fast-acting is real insulin (the one the pancreas releases)?

I just want to better understand how the "real" pancreas close-loop system

PD.:  I am going to apologize for the past and in advance for any
misspellings, incorrect grammar, and misused words.  I am pretty bad at it.
I cannot even claim that is because it is not my native language because I
am just as bad in Spanish!!! :o)

Eloisa and bombita (MM Paradigm)
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