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[IP] two or more meters

I'm a little embarrased to say that I got my second meter when we went on 
vacation last summer to Florida.  On the way, time to check my sugar, and 
oops, it got left behind.  I know, many of you are wondering how can you 
forget something so important.  Believe it or not, just like a toothbrush, it 
happened.  So we stopped and bought the same kind I already use with free 
test strips in the pack, so it was almost free.  Now I have 2 and I love it.  
Keep one upstairs and one downstairs.  
PS:  It got forgotten because I am the mom, the one who packs last for every 
trip.  The 2 teenage girls were fine, the hubby was fine and all 3 dogs had 
all of their supplies, it just seems to work out that way around here for 
every trip we go on.
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