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[IP] Re: Finding a Pump


Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight.  It helps provide a better
understanding on what to look for and what might lie ahead.


On 2/4/03 12:07 PM, "Danny Skidmore" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hi Steven;
 > I have been pumping since December 02, a relatively new pumper. I will define
> my problems and solutions and perhaps help your decision.
> I found my insurance company and HR dept have no clue as to pumping coverage.
> * All Pump company's have people on their staff to get these answers.
> * Coverage ranges from 80% to 90% depending on you insurance coverage.
> You will have to cover 10 to 20% of around $6000.00 dollars.  When I priced
> the pumps the pricing between manufactures was less than 10% difference.
> Also, my insurance had contracts with all the pump companies.  If you choose
> Animas, these people will setup payments for your percentage of the cost over
> a two year period.  This price will cover the pump and 3 months of supplies
> you will need. (Pump, Infusion sets, cartridges, ect.)  The insurance company
> will only cover the pump, infusion sets and cartridges.  If you ask the
> detailed questions you may not want or need other things.
> I choose Animas and am very happy with my selection.  From sales to factory
 > and everyone I have dealt with have been very professional and helpful. These
> people are very dedicated.
> Good luck and good pumping.
> Danny J. Skidmore
> Electrical Project Engineer
> York Refrigeration (Frick PRS)
> 100 CV Ave.
> P.O. Box 997
> Waynesboro, PA 17268-0997
> 717-762-2121 X3293  Fax 717-762-3636
> mailto:email @ redacted
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