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[IP] Acquiring a new pump

I'm curious.  I have read here several times about people who are on pumps
and after only two years or so are able to get a new (better?) pump.  I
would like to know how to go about getting a new pump.  I am on a Minimed
507C since 11/98.  I HATE the fact that it will not alarm you when your
reservoir is low.  I have been in the most inconvenient of places and run
out of insulin.  I am now 9 weeks pregnant and shudder at the thought of
running "dry", since my control has to be of utmost importance.  I haven't
tried to get a new pump yet because this one does seem to be working fine.
 But would think it great to get one of the newer ones.  My warranty has
expired on this one if anyone thinks that would be a good excuse.  Any
advice would be appreciated.

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