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Re: [IP] Waking with lows

I'm the other Sherry and am also 26 years old. :-)  I have been diabetic for
22.5 years now and have NEVER been woken by a low.  In fact I tend to go
into deeper sleep and start tossing and turning and breathing really deeply.
As a kid my parents would catch them occassionally in the night or in the
morning.  The scary thing is that they weren't regularily checking on me but
would they have had me pee on a strip to see?  Ah, the good old days...NOT.

These days, my husband luckly seems to wake when my breathing changes.
Since going on the pump however my nighttime lows seem to have dissappeared,
and I can still hit the snooze button in my sleep.  :-)

-- Sherry
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