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Re: [IP] A Low is a Low

> > A low is a low I thought.  Why would using a pump be different?
> >
> > Kathie

Well it isn't different in the sense of the number.  However, lows for me on
shots usually occured on a down swing of the long acting or short acting
insulin and were pretty fast.  Thus I felt low because of the quick drop
from 200 to 50 and my bodies reaction to that.  On the pump however, because
of the fine tuned basal rate and more specific boluses, I find that I
function better when going low because it is not so quick, more like 100 -
95 - 90 ... - 65 etc.

The physical reaction to going low is what tips us off to being low.  I also
find similar symptoms when I treat an unexpected high like 350 with humlog
and within 1.5 hours can be at 88.  YMMV.

My question is this...has anyone else not felt any symptoms, tested and
found out they were low and then shown symptoms?  I was wondering if some of
my symptoms could be psychologically tied to the meter.

-- Sherry
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