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Re: [IP] Re: Pancakes and syrup

--- Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted> wrote:
 It is called Cozy
> Cottage Sugar-free syrup, made
> with Splenda (sucralose).
To get over the bad taste I use the sugar-free syrup
but top it off with a tsp of regular. It's just enough
to kill that taste. I also like the Smuckers sugar
free you get at srestaurantsants but I can't find it
at the supermarket. Another trick is to mix the sugar
free with sugar free apple butter, mmmm good. I get
that at the local farm market. I sure do like my
pancakes. Oh by the way I don't use regular mix etc. I
use Hodgson Mills Inst Bake Baking mix(available at
most grocery stores now). The whole family has gotten
use to these and call anything else sponges. They
don't sop up the syrup so much and have 3 gms of
fiber, plus I add a grated apple.  The only drawback
is eating to many.meg

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