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Re: [IP] Humalog -vs- Novolog

 I use Humalog and have tried out a full bottle of Novalog - for me it was unit
for unit to same - no major differences, I was told most get a days or 2 longer
with novalog but since I get 3 from H and don't try any longer yet I won't know
for a while. I will make the switch permanently soon(when I get an RX) Try out a
bottle you'll never know till you try.

 Many also say there sugars level out good with the N I didn't really notice as
I was still new to the pump when I tried buit It'll be interesting to see if
mine do.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> To anyone who has used both....
> What are the pro's/con's of each.
> Which works better, which do you prefer better?
> I'm currently using Humalog.. but am considering asking my CDE if 
> I can try
> the Novolog.
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