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Re: [IP] Paradigm Clip

Summer, I just did a search for the clip and that page popped up.  It didn't
say what pump model it was for.  Glad you were able to find that it wasn't
for the paradigm.  That ends my debate about ordering one.
Someone else wrote in that they just got an email from MM and that the clip
would be available before the end of February.  That's not what the MM
person told me.. so let's hope their conversation was with a more informed
MM person.  I wish that MM would post something on their site as to what's
what with this paradigm clip... that sure would clear up all the
Happy rainy, icy day!!!
`Lori - from Upstate New York
DXD 2/27/97 - Pumping with my Blue Paradigm since 9/3/2002!

From: <email @ redacted>
> OK not sure if maybe you are all looking at a different MM web site but
the one
> I have you go to the online store and click on either pump cases or pump
> accesories, and then a screen comes up and you click either the paradigm
pump or
> the 400/500 series pump and then the cases for that pump come up. the
> belt clip is only for the 400/500 pumps and will not hole the paradigm.
Only the
> cases under the paradigm pump will work, many are under both as they
either make
> 2 sizes or the little size difference won't matter but the spring one
> > Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
> Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
> > colors.  It's called "Spring Belt Clip" if anyone is interested in
> > orderingone.  Not sure if I will just now... but would like feed
> > back from anyone
> > that has/uses it.
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