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Re: [IP] Re: two or more meters/waking from lows

There's nothing "wrong" with carrying a meter from place to place.. but
after doing that for over 5 years I decided that having a second one that
has a permanent home in my pocketbook would work better for me.  I've left
home too many times, in the past, without my meter and that's not something
that I'm comfortable with.  I have three children (which with all the
hub-bub of getting them out the door is probably why I'd foregut to pack
something!)... and I like to test before I drive, before eating out, etc.  I
really need to have access to a meter at all times.  When I'm home it's not
a big deal because the one in my kitchen stays on the counter and gets used
constantly... guess I want one for upstairs in the bedroom because I'm too
lazy to bring the one up every night and down every morning.  Just my 2
`Lori - from Upstate New York
DXD 2/27/97 - Pumping with my Blue Paradigm since 9/3/2002!

From: "Artorius Rex" <email @ redacted>
> What's the problem with carrying the same meter around from place to
> It's not like these things weigh 50 pounds and aren't easy to keep within
> reach.   When I'm watching TV, it's usually in the same room with me and
> when I'm ready to go to bed, it sits on the nightstand next to me.
> I've got a bag with all of my daily supplies (meter, strips, lancet
> and it follows me around.
> Having another meter around as a back seems like a good idea, but having a
> second/third one just to avoid walking inside the house seems a bit of a
> stretch.
> -Brent
> --- Lori Favreau <email @ redacted> wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > -------
> > Get two of the same meters.  I have 2 one touch ultras.  One stays in my
> > kitchen and the other stays in my pocketbook.  I never leave home
> > one.. and I don't even have to remember to stick it in my bag.  And, I
> > run out of strips because the meters are identical!  Now if only I could
> > a third to leave by my bed......
> > `Lori - from Upstate New York
> > DXD 2/27/97 - Pumping with my Blue Paradigm since 9/3/2002!
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > -------
> > > I agree with everyone who has talked about having a meter next to the
> > in
> > > case of a low--but someone mentioned have more than one meter.  I do
> > > more than one meter, but what do you do when you run out of strips for
> > > I've never been able to talk my insurance into paying for additional
> > strips
> > > once I run out of the free ones that come with the meters I've gotten
> > > reps, and I can't afford to buy them out of pocket.  Any ideas?
> > > Kristin
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