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Re: [IP] Waking from lows...

>I have been on a paradigm pump for 5 months after 27 years of MDI.
>Prior to the pump I would frequently wake up during a low, usually very
>wet with sweat.  [Not one night-time low since the pump .... yes !!!! ]
>Accompanying the lows I remember commonly experiencing the wildest of
>dreams and I was wondering if others had the same experience.  The
>dreams were usually extremely complex and extremely indistinguishable
>from reality.  After waking it would take a long time (5-15 minutes) to
>accept that the dream-world was not the real world.  In an way I almost
>miss the dreams - probably as close to an hallucinogenic trip I'll ever
>get  :- )   Patrick

That sounds a bit like the hypos I had while on two a day injections. 
Early mornings when going into a deep hypo and the dreams come on, 
usually turning into an "out of body" experience.   Part of my mind 
realizes that I am hypo, but I can't get my conscious self in control 
to fully wake up.  Or at least I am not aware if I am awake or 
dreaming that I am awake.  I found it very disconcerting not knowing 
what part of me was in what state.  I don't miss those hypos at all. 
Very scary!!    :>(

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