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[IP] Minimed followup

Just thought I would let you all know.  I contacted MiniMed again today, 
after my refurbished pump did NOT come in.   I requested a new pump, either a 
508 or a Paradigm, and was told that it was 30 days past my receipt date, and 
that a NEW replacement was NOT an option.  I told them I would refuse a 
refurbished pump, based on what I was hearing from the other pump companies 
and their users, as well as my own CDE's and MD's recommendation.  

I also submitted written paperwork to the FDA regarding the fact that my pump 
failed to deliver insulin for several hours at a time with absolutely no 
warning whatsoever.  This paperwork is being sent to my insurance company, as 
well as my MD and CDE.  

I don't think it makes any sense to let them run us over with a pump that has 
clear safety issues.  My situation is not unique based on what I am reading 
on any number of sites.  If you are having problems, or have had similar 
problems with your Paradigm, please let me know.  The more of us who are 
ACTIVELY involved in finding a change, can only help ALL of us in the end.  

Christa Turnell 
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