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[IP] Re: Who looks after you?

From: "Steve Roche" <email @ redacted>

>Sometimes It may be more difficult for the parent of a child with diabetes
to adjust
to diabetes than it is for the child themself. Your daughter will be O.K.

After I became a parent, I realized how much you worry about children and I 
thought it would be harder to be the parent of a diabetic.  Unfortunately I 
found that that was true.  My daughter doesn't mind being diabetic too much.  
When ever I say, I'm diabetic and my daughter is too, I just want to cringe.  
I am having a lot of trouble accepting it.  You just want the best for your 

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3 1/2 years
and daughter Melinda, almost 19, Type 1 - 3 months  MDI
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