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[IP] Animas Chat tomorrow

         This month's Animas chat will be held tomorrow, Tuesday,
February 4, 2003 at 9pm EST in the Guest room.

	The topic for this month wwill be "Basal Testing.....When was
the last time?"  with speakers Don Novotney and
 Tom Kowalski.  Whether or not you have an Animas pump, I highly
suggest dropping by if the topic interests you.  Basal Testing is
something that all Pump users (regardless of pump worn) have to
do. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Please join us at 9pm in the Guest room on the IP
website. (http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/chat.shtml)

	Insulin-Pumpers.Org - The Original and Always The Best
	   Diabetes and Insulin Pump Chat on the Internet!

Pump Huuggss!!

Steve & Jem
email @ redacted
Type II- 1981, Insulin dependant - 1993, Pumping (MiniMed 508) - 7/01
"As we brushed past each other, you favored me with a smile.
It's okay if we never meet again. I'm lucky you were here just for a while!"
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