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[IP] Set Type vs. Site Stability/Length

Is there information available (outside of anecdotal evidence presented here)
that has established a correlation between the type of infusion set being
used vs. how long they last?   Heck, even if someone has correlated the
evidence presented here, that would be a great thing.

I've been using the Sils/Tenders/Comforts for the last year and I'm getting
a bit tired of the inconsistent times between site failures.  Sometimes they
last a day and go nuts, sometimes they last 3 days with no problem.

I'm just wondering if people have good luck with the metal cannulas lasting
longer, straight infusion sites lasting longer, or even teflon cannulas.

Animas is sending me a couple of samples of Sofsets to try, but wouldn't give
me much more info without me talking to my CDE.  I'm not complaining, I didn't
expect the phone sales people to have tons of info to give out.  They just
take orders.  =)


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