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[IP] Re: Waking from lows...

At 06:01 PM 2/3/03, email @ redacted wrote:
>I have always awakened from a dead sleep every time I am low. I have been
>Type 1 for 14 years. My endo says that I should not keep doing this and
>will eventually start to loose the sensation. Maybe so but we will see.

I've had Type 1 for nearly 40  years.  Since I've been on the pump, almost 
all of the time I wake up suddenly when I'm low.  Since I'm in the habit of 
checking my bg whenever I wake up, I catch the lows very quickly, do a 
simple glucose correct and I'm fine for the rest of the night.  Before the 
pump, however, I never woke up when I was low.  YMMV.

dxd 1963
pumping 2000
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