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Re: [IP] Paradigm Clip

I would love a new clip.  I use the black case that came with my pump and
it's ok.. but I really don't like that holster clip at all.  It's just
tooooooo big and bulky.  Anyways, I just called MiniMed and the customer
service guy just told me that the clip is in the works but that it hasn't
been completed as of yet.  He didn't even have a release date for it.
I got my paradigm in September and received only the black case and the
holster case.  I just sent my original pump back (the light failed) and
received a refurbished one.. no clip.
I did do a search on the site and found that $8 clip that others were
talking about last week.  It is available for purchase and does come in
colors.  It's called "Spring Belt Clip" if anyone is interested in ordering
one.  Not sure if I will just now... but would like feed back from anyone
that has/uses it.  Thanks!
`Lori - from Upstate New York
DXD 2/27/97 - Pumping with my Blue Paradigm since 9/3/2002!
> I don't understand.  I received a belt clip with my new paradigm last
> October.  Same color as the unit.  It works great - especially useful
> while in the shower for clipping the unit to the inside towel bar.
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