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RE: [IP] Eating Out

Hi Frank!

AJUTA  (Italian expression) for upset stomach.
	lol....from one Italian to another....there is no "j" in the Italian
alphabet...correct spelling???  agita....but I hear you!!!

What I usually do when I go out to eat?

If there is bread served first, I will take a small piece of it and figure
out the carbs anywhere from 20+ depending on the size of it and bolus for it
right then and there.

By the time the salad comes along, I usually eye it up to see how much salad
is given in a plate and always ask for fat free or low fat salad dressing on
the side.  If there are only veggies in the salad, I usually figure on a
figure of around 5.  If there are croutons in it, every 5 croutons I figure
around 10 gr. carbs.  If there is cheese, I only eat a little and push the
rest to the side as this is only an added protein/fat that I don't need to
be concerned about later on.

I usually don't bolus for my meal until I get it right in front of me and
then I eye it up.  If there's a lot of rice, I actually halve it and only
eat one half and take the rest home, ditto for a piece of meat/fish or any
other protein.  Anything more than 3-4 ozs of protein is an unnecessary evil
to be eating at one meal.

I then consider the veggies and anything else that is there in the plate and
do an eyeball figure.  I then calculate the carbs and my bolus and usually
it's ok.  I kind of figure on the high side to be safe and then check 3-4
hrs afterwards.  If I'm still a little high, I'll do an adjustment bolus.

If eating pizza, Chinese food or Mexican food, then there are the fats to
consider and I do a dual wave bolusing for the carbs I am eating and then
try to figure out what's going to hit me anywhere from 4-8 or longer hrs
afterwards and figure this in.

I usually don't have anything stronger than a glass of red wine when going
out to eat and for that, I don't bother to bolus.  If you're drinking beer
or any hard liquors or mixes, then you have to figure in the carbs.  Once in
a while I'll have a marguerita and I've checked all the mixer labels in the
supermarket and have come up with anywhere from 25-35 gr. carb per serving
so I count my carbs from there.

I hope this helps and don't get agita!!!! Take it a little at a time and if
you have a favorite restaurant and meal, then if it doesn't work out the
first time, try it again and again until you get it right!!!

Happy pumping and eating....MANGIA!!!!

Kathy B.
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