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[IP] Re: My A1C!!!


Congrats on your A1c!  :-)

Now regarding this:
>He said 1 unit every hour won't do 
>nothing you
>shouldn't bolus just 1 unit. he said Humalog works for 4 hours you 
>should bolus
>for the next 4 hours of food at once, I said well it appears H works 
>for about 1
>1/2 hours then just a small amount is still working, and that my 
>numbers are
>perfect when I do it my way. He said it don't make 
Just so you know, your experience with Humalog is more along the lines 
of what I experience.  First of all, I don't really see 4 hours of 
activity.  More like 3.3 hours.  Anything beyond that 3.3 hours is 

Second, I have been applying an unused insulin rule for myself that 
assumes that 80% of the insulin will be used up in the first 1.6 hours 
that works far better (for me) than the straight scale method.  (The 
typical unused insulin rule will say, after 1.6 hours, that 5 units of 
a 10 unit bolus is still active.  In my formula, 2 units of a 10 unit 
bolus is still active after 1.6 hours.)  This syncs with your statement 
that Humalog works for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. 

You can help teach your doctor unless you manage to find a new one.  :-
)  A couple years before I started the pump, I read about using 4 shots 
of NPH a day to get a better "basal" rate than using the typical 2.  My 
endo, however, said this didn't make sense, and it was too hard to do.  
Well, ignoring my time on the pump, I got better A1cs while doing the 4 
shots of NPH a day than any other time, including when I switched to 
Lantus.  About a year after fighting me on it, he said he ran into a 
colleague at a research conference that was trying what I was 
doing...so he all of sudden was open to the idea.  :-/  As if my year 
of good A1cs were just luck!

So, you probably know more than your doc.  :-)  
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