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Re: [IP] My A1C!!

Summer, you did everything just right.  You did everything PERFECT.  Unless 
the doc is living your life and living with this disease he doesn't have a 
clue.  After all he is JUST a doctor.  I don't mean that in a mean way at all 
(so Spot don't get mad at me, OK?!!) but the one thing I have found is that 
they only know what they know.  They do not know how to LIVE with this 
disease 24/7 like we all do.  We can't fault them for it really.

But the fact that you just sat there nodding and UH-Huhhing was PERFECT.  
Don't stop seeing him and getting the labs done, but don't put too much 
credence into what the man has to say.  It is stories like this one that 
makes me SOOOOO happy that we have THE WORLD'S BEST ENDO for our Joshua.  
This man tells me up front that he does not know what it is like to live with 
this disease and has allowed me to make many of the decisions over the years. 
 He is our 'guidance' counselor for diabetes but he is not living with it.  
And he is very humble when it comes to dealing with us moms and dads who are 
dealing with it full time!

So Summer, just keep on keeping on and do what you have been doing.  It is 
obviously working for you!!


mom to Joshua
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