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Re: [IP] Eating Out

HI!  You can do what we do with Josh, age 11, DMer 5.5 yrs and IP 3+ years.  
When we go out to eat dinner we guesstimate the carbs and know that in a few 
hours we will be rechecking his BGs.  If he is higher than we would like at 
this next check we do a correction bolus.

In my mind there is way too much that we have to think about and 'worry' 
about already in our lives.  A short term high from an incorrect meal bolus 
is not going to be that bad.  It is the long term highs that will cause the 
most damage.  So go out and eat and enjoy.  Guess what you think you may have 
eaten, taken into consideration any high fat content that might slow down the 
process and do the best you can.  That's all any one can do.

mom to Joshua
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