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[IP] Re: Waking from lows...

>My CDE told me that sometimes this will happen to 
>people who are newly diagnosed - within 5 years. Does this fit a 
>of you ? I t does me, so I can't dispute her theory. 


No, I've been diabetic for over 20 years, and lows still wake me up.  I 
do not have any hypo-unawareness, though.  In fact, I frequently feel 
low even when I'm not low.  :-)  Sometimes I can be in the 80's and 
feel like I'm low.  I'm not certain why sometimes I feel fine, but 
other times I don't when my BG leve is "normal".  

Anyhow, I've NEVER been able to sleep when I'm lower than 55. 

I'm glad to find out that I'm not an oddball on this.  (Speaking to my 
doctors, they look at me like they don't believe me when I say that 
lows wake me up.)

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