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Re: [IP] Re: [I] Re: pancakes

> -- i have been making my daughter chocolate chip pancakes for a few
> years... I could make them, and watch her enjoy the heck out of
> them... NOW, i can eat them too.
> I look on the box, for the carbs  per serving...
> (i eat 1/2 of a serving)
> I measure out 2 tablespoons of chips, and 2 or 3 tablespoons of
> "REGULAR syrup".
> I couldn't guess, to save my life, but, i read all the packages, and
> measure, and guess what ?? I'm 120+/- before breakfast, and 120 -
> 140 +/- 2 hours afterwards....
> YMMV, my in my case, careful measurement seems to work

The secret is the regular syrup. It helps to smooth out the overall 
glycemic index of the meal. The syrup is slow, the pancakes are fast. 
Together, they are a better match to the insulin absorption.
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