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Re: [IP] Eating Out

 I order what I like and when it arrives at the table I try and estimate how
many carbs are in each food then wait till I'm done before bolusing cause my
eyes are way bigger then my stomache! I make sure to test 1 1/2 hours later to
adjust. Its trial and error and you'll almost never get it perfect unless you
tend to order the same thing at the same restaurant everytime and even then it
can be wrong!!

 Many places like McDonalds, A&W, Taco Time(not a spelling error its taco time
not taco bell up here!) and such have little pamphlets to take home that list
all the carbs, cal, fat etc. But fancy shmancy restaurants probably won't.

Good luck

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Considering the experience of the 4,000 plus pumpers on this site, can
> someone advice me on what you do when you sit down at a restaurant 
> menuand try to figure out how to put the carbs together. Since 
> there are so
> many variables in food varieties how do you count the carbs? Do preset
> your meal plan and carbs before you get to the restaurant or work 
> it out
> at the table?Do you make up your own menu in advance?Need Help
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