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Re: [IP] Waking from lows...

After your late night dessert, before you go to bed check your sugar and 
then correct if you need to.
Most people, including my husband have a tendency to over correct when 
it is better to bolus and check
your reading within an hour.  As a diabetic, your meter should always be 
close by for emergencies if
your going low or you are too high correction at that moment  is vital. 
 Also, never assume guess work
will not keep your sugar in check.  I know this because before my 
husband went on the pump, he used
to assume what his readings were and I almost lost him because of his 
stupidity and his so called I know
it all attitude.  Don't take the chance, what might feel like one could 
very well be the opposite.  Do you
really want to take that kind of chance with your life and leave your 
family behind to grieve.

Donna Smith

RoseLea wrote:

> At 01:38 AM 2/3/03, you wrote:
>> OK, stupid question, I need to ask the endo, but "ya'll" seem to know
>> more than doctors.  Sometimes I wake up sweaty, but not really hot.  I
>> think I might be low but I'm upstairs and sleepy, and the meter is
>> downstairs.  The next  morning, I'll 250+, so I just might be 
>> rebounding.
>>  Question - do I check, and assuming it's low, treat it?  I'm wondering
>> if that'll make it worse, since maybe the rebounding is what woke me up
>> in the first place.  This doesn't happen often, and it's usually when I
>> do something fun like go out with hubby for a late dessert.
> First, why don't you take your meter upstairs and put it next to the 
> bed?  When you wake up like this, you can check and be sure.
>> Let's see, I need to get the book "Pumping Insulin" and fine-tune my
>> basals, then I need to quit going out for a late dessert.  Any other
>> advice??
> IMO, getting your basals fine tuned is a very good idea.  But, why 
> give up the dessert?  If you enjoy going out with your hubby for this 
> treat, why should you discontinue?  That's why I went on a pump, to 
> enjoy things that other non-D folks enjoy.  YMMV.
> RoseLea
> dxd 1963
> pumping 2000
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