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Re: [IP] Pump suggestions

In response, the pump would be the best move for him right now.  The 
range that his sugars are now are too dangerously high
and should be brought down and kept down.  When the sugar readings are 
too high for too long, the long term results are not
good and at 19 he doesn't need to deal with those.  The pump will make 
him feel just about normal, I mean he wouldn't be
giving himself a shot numerous times a day.  With the injections during 
the day he will not be able to miss a meal and the shots
should be the same time each day with very little variance.  Depending 
on the amount of insulin he will be required to take a
day he might only have to stick himself once every 2-3 days instead of 
4-5 times a day.  The pump was developed for an
active lifestyle and alot of athletes are on the pump and you would 
never know it.  Right now my husband is on the pump
and also the Glucophage 2 times a day, this combination has reduced the 
amount of insulin he takes during any given day.
Also, his A1C readings are about 5.6 which is excellent.  With the pump 
you count your Carbs and then you program the
pump for the amount of additional insulin you will need for a meal and 
the rest of the time it functions as a pancreas.  The
pump will dispense insulin 24 hours a day, which will allow your son to 
eat that piece of Birthday cake, ice cream and the
other foods he craves.  To eat that food all he has to do is count the 
carbs in the food item and bolus for it.  I would highly
recommend you talk to his doctor about the pump, so his lifestyle will 
stay close to normal.  The last 2.5 years my husband
has been able to lead a normal lifestyle; he has been in control of his 
Diabetes not the other way around.  Believe me it will
be the best move of his life, but don't wait his sugar readings should 
be around 140, not the 300-400 range.  Let me know
what you decide to do.

Donna Smith

Steven Yuen wrote:

>My 19 year old son will probably be adding insulin to his diabetes regimen
>soon according to his endocrinologist. His sugars have been hovering around
>the 300 - 400 range. He's currently taking 1500mg glucophage / day and while
>it used to help, it doesn't anymore. By no means do I want to start a debate
>here, I just want opinions on what pumps you would suggest for my son. Ease
>of use, setup and that sort of thing. Bear in mind that he goes to college
>and is on the move a lot. He also sleeps late a lot because he worked out
>his college schedule so that he's in school from 9am - 6pm on Tuesdays and
>Thursdays only.
>Type II, NYC.
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