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[IP] My A1C!!

 I just got my A1c from the endo!! it was 7.3!!!!!! I don't think I ever had
such a good number my last 3 were in the 10's and I don't know anyothers!!! Just
3 months on the pump and I've dropped to 7.3 aaahhhhhhhhh!

 Anyways I don't like my endo, he's very confusing and I just don't like him.
Unfortunatley he's the only endo in the city we do have one who comes from
Toronto 2x a year but he's only for Kids :-(

 He tried to tell me I'm using the pump wrong because I tend to bolus almost
hourly because I munch all day. He said 1 unit every hour won't do nothing you
shouldn't bolus just 1 unit. he said Humalog works for 4 hours you should bolus
for the next 4 hours of food at once, I said well it appears H works for about 1
1/2 hours then just a small amount is still working, and that my numbers are
perfect when I do it my way. He said it don't make sense its not right and I
should talk to my nurse(well duhh I see her every 2 weeks and she says it's
perfect!) I just started nodding and saying uhh-huhh sure ok I'll do that NOT

 He wasn't even the least bit happy about my great A1c!! I'm better off seeing
no doc like I have for the past 4-5 years! My nurses and I can manage fine on
our own thanks! Unfortunatley I can't get prescriptions that way.

 By the way I was so confused by the end off the meeting I didn't even ask for
any prescription refills!! Hopefully my pharmacy can just phone him up and get
him to send them to him. I don't go back for 4 months and am quite happy about


Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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