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[IP] Eating Out

Hi Fellow pumpers;

My name is Frank Bevelacqua,have been a diabetic for 15 + years. I use
the Animas Pump,started on 1-08-03.I have accepted the fact that I"am a
diabetic and the discipline required to help control this disease.My
theory is "When the water gets rough,Row harder".

I have a great RN Anne Geller,from Animas and she has made very
comfortable in its use. I"am still in the trial and error stage. I"am
doing well and love the freedom of the pump.

My biggest concern is counting carbs and eating out at restaurants.I
have a large file on food carbs,but putting several items together to
make a meal gives me AJUTA  (Italian expression) for upset stomach.

Considering the experience of the 4,000 plus pumpers on this site, can
someone advice me on what you do when you sit down at a restaurant menu
and try to figure out how to put the carbs together. Since there are so
many variables in food varieties how do you count the carbs? Do preset
your meal plan and carbs before you get to the restaurant or work it out
at the table?Do you make up your own menu in advance?Need Help

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