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[IP] Pancakes


Regarding pancakes...  What I have found to work is to actually measure the
diameter of the pancakes to the 4inches.  I use the dry-premixed boxes from
the store and they and the exchange list have servings as two 4 inch
pancakes.  Since diagnosis I have always measure them, I put in a small
ruler with the cooking utensils.  Now, after almost a year of cutting out
the extra, we have the size pretty much down while cooking it (now most of
our pancakes are 4" from the griddle.)  

Off course this is a YMMV, and also if you are very sensitive to carbs it
might depend on the thickness of the pancake mix (too runny= thinner= lower
carb; thicker mix=taller pancakes= more carbs.)  

Just my two cents.  I know I am kind of anal about counting carbs.  My CDE
drop her jaw when I told her we measured the 4inches and cut out the rest.
My partner usually gets the leftover cut outs and makes a pancake or two of
them :o)  After 8+ years of being together, a mess-up pancake does not seem
to bother her!

Have a great day and I love weekend-pancakes!!!! BTW, I still use the low
carb syrup - even after the pump.  Since I eat them so often.  To me it is
like the whole diet-coke vs real-coke dilemma of a few weeks ago - I just do
not see the use of consuming the extra carbs!!!  

Eloisa and bombita (MM Paradigm)
Next Tuesday it will be 1 year since Diagnosis (2/11/02)
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