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[IP] RE: carb counting and coverage boluses.....

<my CDE taught me not to bolus for meat, cheeses and other foods that 
supposedly have no carb content.  i was skeptical of this approach since 
these foods DO have calories and if eaten in sufficient amounts they can 
raise your BG.  i bolus for such foods carefully, but i find that a coverage 
bolus is required for them.>


I bolus for cheese because there is one carb per ounce.  
I sometimes weigh the cheese on a scale, but I've gotten 
pretty good at eye-balling the amount.  I don't bolus for 
"pure" protein because the insulin would act faster than 
it would take my body to convert the protein to sugar. I 
find that my BG's may go up 2-3 hours later, so a
temporary basal for protein usually works.  And what I 
mean by "pure" protein, is meat I've prepared at home 
myself.  Most deli meats can contain anywhere from 1-2 
carbs per ounce/slice (read labels), so I bolus for those 
like I do cheese.  Nuts also contain carbs, so you need 
to know which nuts contain how many because they vary. 
Because they will take longer to affect my BG's due to 
the fat/protein content, I find that doing a SquareWave 
Bolus works for those, although, if I haven't eaten in a 
while and don't have time, I won't need to do any extra 
insulin at all for a small snack of nuts (usually almonds).  
Eggs also contain one carb gram each, and I bolus for 
those too.

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