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Re: [IP] looking for software

>I am on the web subscription.  The reason I am writing this is for two
>reasons.  The first being I can't fine a way to change my membership 
>from web
>to journal and the main reason being I am looking for some kind of 
>that will let me record four times a day before after meal BGL as well 
>before meal booster shots.


Do you have a Palm-based PDA?  There are several programs that will 
allow you to do this (and more) on your Palm. I've written one myself 
that is geared particularly for those on pump or carb-counting, because 
it also calculates boluses for you, as well as unused insulin, auto-
categorization, stats, etc.  You can find mine and several others on 
either www.palmgear.com or www.handango.com.  (Search for "diabetes" to 
find them.)

If you don't have or want to get a Palm-based PDA (though, you can find 
them as low as $99 nowadays), then the links section of www.insulin-
pumpers.org has a few links to some desktop software you can try.

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