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Re: [IP] Waking from lows...

 First of all - WHY is your meter downstairs if you are upstairs?????? When I go
to bed - my meter comes with me and sits on the bedside table - that way if I
wake up feeling however - all I have to do is sit up in bed and check. I have a
small florescent light that I use to see - if I keep it pointed down into the
covers it doesn't light up the whole room and disturb my hubby.

 If I am indeed low - I will treat - the bottle of glucose tabs are also on my
bedside table. Depends upon the level - the other night I was 72 at 1:30 in the
morning - thats not really low - but a bit low for that time of night - 1 tab
and I woke up at I think 109 the next morning. If I'm lower I do indeed take
more glucose.

 I also get pretty big rebounds at time - I am really trying to treat highs
agressively and lows conservatively.

good Luck - and get that meter up in the bedroom!

Linda & Dax
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