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Re: [IP] Ultraflex

>   What is the Ultraflex set you mentioned? Who makes them, what are they
> Thanks.

They are similar to MM QuickSets, with the 90* angle, only they disconnect
the same way the Silhouettes do (or most any other at site disconnect
infusion sets).  They're made by Disetronic.

I would imagine that if you called and asked, they would be willing to send
you some samples.  They come in the typical lengths (43" and 23") and even
in 31" if you prefer.

After my love-hate relationship with my Sof-serter, all these years, it will
be a relief to be free from that bondage!  Hope they are pleasing to you,

(Hate to sound like a commercial, here, but I was definitely wowed by these

Oh, another thing I liked was that the plastic they have protecting the
cannula and the introducer needle can be put back on the introducer needle
after removal.  It is like a built in sharps container.  Having dropped and
lost a few introducer needles in the past (one of which my husband
discovered by stepping on it!), I very much appreciate that feature, too.
They thought of everything!

I thought it worth mentioning, as so many use MM sets.  I figured there may
be a few like me who are enslaved to an inserter that they'd rather not have
to mess with.  Some don't have that trouble, but I'll bet I'm not alone in
mine.  I perpetually end up getting stuck where the cannula starts, which
makes me worry about it getting kinked.  I've used only about half a dozen
Ultraflex ones, so far, but was amazed at how easy it was to use.  And I
honestly don't know when the cannula hits my skin.  The insertion is that
smooth.  Of course, YMMV.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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