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Re: [IP] how to store extra pump

> I have a had MiniMed 508 for a while and wonder what is the best way to
> the  507 I still have that is in working condition.  Should I keep it
> with batteries or should I take them out?

MM pumps were not made to be without batteries for any longer than a battery
change.  You're going to have to keep it in good batteries.  Depending on
the amount of time you do it, you could set it as though it had a full
reservoir in there and keep it running with your basal settings, or, if it
is going to be a while, you will have to set the basal settings at zero all

MM wasn't thinking about how great a back up pump would be when they made
their pumps.  I'd love to keep my 507 when I replace it, but can't really
see replacing the batteries every month or two for years on end.  It isn't
very practical.

You will want to either plan on replacing the batteries once a month, or
store it where you are sure you would hear it if it goes bonkers due to no
battery power.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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