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Re: [IP] Waking from lows...

OK, stupid question, I need to ask the endo, but "ya'll" seem to know
more than doctors.  Sometimes I wake up sweaty, but not really hot.  I
think I might be low but I'm upstairs and sleepy, and the meter is
downstairs.  The next  morning, I'll 250+, so I just might be rebounding.
 Question - do I check, and assuming it's low, treat it?  I'm wondering
if that'll make it worse, since maybe the rebounding is what woke me up
in the first place.  This doesn't happen often, and it's usually when I
do something fun like go out with hubby for a late dessert.  

Let's see, I need to get the book "Pumping Insulin" and fine-tune my
basals, then I need to quit going out for a late dessert.  Any other


Anita who is praying for a cure!!!  

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